Environment Control Center

In the responsibility area of Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, from waste production point till delivery to the their elimination, the vehicles used for transportation of excavation, from the production point, transportation municipality, medical, industrial, marine wastes and such, and all activities related to those are monitorized, controlled/audited and managed by centrally by Waste Management and Control Center.

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Environment Control Center

Monitoring Environmental Activities Centrally

The system works by sending data received from GPS satellites and mounted sensors on the vehicles to the center through GSM/GPRS; monitoring, controlling/auditing and management are made according to transiently updated map. By the efforts of Waste Management Environment Control Center where Environment Call Center is also located, in which all complaints, warnings and demands are made:

  • Risk reduction of traffic accidents by controlling speed and route violations,
  • Prevention environment pollution and unpermitted damping,
  • Monitorization and management of waste logistics,
  • Ensuring of fuel and time savings,
  • Controlling truck entries into intensive traffic areas and reducing traffic density is provided by coordinating with inner city traffic density.

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