Refused Derived Fuel Production

We process in our compost plants the wastes rich in organic content from vegetable markets and open bazaars as well as some part of collected wastes from towns to convert those into composts. These later on are used in various park and gardens of Istanbul.

Detailed Info

Refused Derived Fuel Production

Economic Value and Protection of Environment

Refuse Drived Fuel (RDF) plant is established for the unrecyclable wastes in term of industrial quality such as bag, nylon, fibers etc. to recycle them for the economy.

In the facility established in 2008 in Kemerburgaz Recycling and Composting Plant unrecyclable but high calorific content wastes are converted into Refuse Derived Fuel.

In the plant having 96 tons of process capacity daily, the wastes first become 250-300 mm in size in rough crusher; then metal and organic contents are separated. Once they become 0-30 mm in size in fine crusher they are sent to the cement plants as an alternative fuel with their 4.000 kcal/kg value.

RDF used as an alternative fuel to the fossile ones such as petro-coke, provides contribution to reduce external dependency for energy and also contributes for environment protection.