Environmental Laboratory

İSTAÇ Environment Laboratory is accredited by TÜRK-AK and provides analyses and sampling in total of more than 600 parameters; 214 parameters accredited by TÜRK-AK, 178 parameters authorized by the ministry. Our specialists committed for fast and safe analyses use cutting edge technology equipment and devices; and serves in the areas of surface water, waste water, solid wastes, compost, soil, sludge, hazardous waste, industrial waste, oil and oil wastes and coal analyses.

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Environmental Laboratory

Comprehensive Environment Analyses

İSTAÇ Environment Laboratory provides environment analyses in more than 680 parameters, of which 480 is accredited, in areas of soil, solid waste, compost, sludge, surface water, hazardous waste and industrial waste. Our laboratory is one of the outstanding laboratories in Turkey in terms of number of parameters analyzed. For this purpose, we invest in both quality and R&D and also continue contributing to academically studies.

Cutting Edge Laboratory Equipment

We are improving proficiencies of our personnel and investing for the best devices in their areas. Owing to equipment and devices in our inventory we provide services not only for the activities within İSTAÇ but also laboratory analyses for outer customers in the largest amount of parameters.


Sampling Services

We care about sampling in order to obtain reliable results in environment analyses. Our professional staff is trained for this purpose and provides required sampling free of error. All required equipment in sampling as well as protective transportation boxes are provided by our professional teams.

Integrated Industrial Waste Management

Our professional team provides integrated solutions comprising of required labeling, packaging, lab analyzing, transportation, recycling (if possible) for the elimination of industrial wastes safely.

Call us! We eliminate centrally your hazardous wastes safely.




In our lab, minimum (base) prices determined by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization are applied.

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