Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste Management

As a result of intensive works for urban transformation and construction in Istanbul, as the fastest growing city in the region, millions of tons of excavation soil waste are produced. We rehabilitate by using excavation soil the old pits that destroyed the forests; and process the construction.

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Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste Management

Rehabilitation of Mining Sites

5 million tons of excavation waste is produced in Istanbul from construction sector that has been grown by urban transformation efforts. In order to prevent environment and visual pollution by damping these waste in an uncontrolled way in Istanbul, not working-the former mining areas are rehabilitated by these waste, by having required permit processes and project designing in the frame of the law and regulations. These areas are recycled for the nature by filling them with excavation soil according to its own topography and by forestation.

Furthermore, project basis efforts within the scope of law and regulations, for back of enrockment backfilling, generating recreational and agricultural areas are executed at the helm of Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and demolition wastes from the efforts of urban transformation, repair and alteration are processed and recycled as superstructure materials in varying sizes, in a recycling site with the capacity of 200 tons/hour. The waste received is loaded to a crusher by an excavator, and by a griddle the products coming from the crusher in between 0-38 mm are reduced in required sizes. Further, by the help of a magnet hinged on the crusher before passing to griddle after crusher, the irony materials are separated from the waste.

All separated materials are stockpiled in storage yard and used later on by demanded areas. To diversify the areas where the materials are used, our R&D efforts are continued. For the process of urban transformation in Istanbul and for projection of excavation soil and construction & demolition waste, a Management Plan for Construction & Demolition Waste and Excavation Soil for future 20 years is developed, and all efforts are executed in line with this plan.


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