Industrial Waste Management

We provide outstanding service quality by producing safe, fast and integrated solutions for waste elimination. We provide our service throughout Turkey especially in Istanbul with our licensed vehicles and facilities

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Industrial Waste Management



We further simplified the process of receiving of hazardous waste for our customers producing those waste. When you complete your inquiry, you may have us get your wastes by just filling out Transportation Demand Form. Make a demand for the transportation, and we make your hazardous wastes transported by our collecting teams and fully licensed vehicles in a very short time.

Laboratory Analysis

We are at your disposal for the process of analysis of your hazardous wastes with our laboratory. All Annex.2 analyses can be made in İSTAÇ Environment Lab., and analyses you require are finalized in safe and fast in our accredited lab.


Acceptance of All-Quantity Hazardous Waste

We, as İSTAÇ take your hazardous < less or very> waste from its location, no matter the size and the weight. If you produce hazardous waste even in small quantities periodically, you should still contact with us. Our professional team receives your waste properly, transport them safely and provides elimination in best method.

Receiving Storable Hazardous Waste

Appropriate hazardous wastes are eliminated in İSTAÇ, 1st Class Sanitary Landfill Site in Şile Kömürcüoda by landfill methods. For flue dusts, fan dusts, moulding-core sands, industrial slags, asbests and etc. you may send them to our sites by contacting with our professional team.


Integrated Industrial Waste Management

Our professional team provides integrated services comprising of labeling, packaging, lab analysis, transportation, recycling (if possible) and elimination with the best method for your industrial wastes. Call us! We eliminate centrally your hazardous wastes safely.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Production

We convert appropriate waste from industrial plants into fuel. These products, called Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), are used in cement plants as an additive fuel; thus contribution is made not only to environment but also to the economy.


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