Operations of Landfill Sites

We, as İSTAÇ, see our job as our identity, beyond environment management and design our original solutions for environmental problems with the responsibility of future. We have been operating our sanitary landfill sites for more than 25 years continuously, after their establishment in 1994. Domestic wastes collected in Istanbul are eliminated safely by not disturbing soil, water or air, by realizing landfill at both sides.

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Operations of Landfill Sites

Elimination of Unrecyclable Wastes

The latest stage in the hierarchy of waste management, is the elimination of the wastes according to its techniques by not harming human health as well as environment. In the landfill sites in Istanbul established for this purpose, construction and operation activities without harming air, soil, water and human health are managed since 1994. In Istanbul, there are two sanitary landfill sites, one for each sides, where municipality wastes are eliminated. 10.000 tons of 17.000 tons of unrecyclable waste is eliminated in European Site, and the rest of 7.000 tons is eliminated in Asian Site by landfilling.

The sanitary landfill sites where the leachate and gas management is made in a controlled manner, serves for 7/24. In these areas that all environmental measures are taken, all controls and audits are executed according to the law and regulations routinely. Garbage leachate having high contamination load is eliminated by not harming the nature, using membrane bioreactor + NF technology. The gas due to landfill is used in energy production by collecting through gas flues.

Double Protection for Ground Water

The new sanitary landfill site in Silivri Seymen, is sensitively designed to protect ground waters. With this approach, as according to the regulations the bottom is reinforced by double protection. Double size is applied for the thickness required by the regulations at each stages of clay layer, membrane layer and mattress; thus leakage risk in long term is eliminated. The facilities have been operating since 2008 and consist of pre-settling, membrane bioreactor (nitrification-denitrification ultrafiltration membranes), nanofiltration unit and sludge dewatering units.



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