Recovery and Compost Production

We process in our compost plants the wastes rich in organic content from vegetable markets and open bazaars as well as some part of collected wastes from towns to convert those into composts. These later on are used in various park and gardens of Istanbul.

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Recovery and Compost Production

Evaluation of Organic Wastes

Organic content domestic wastes collected in Istanbul are processed naturally by through microorganisms in a controllable manner in Kemerburgaz Recycling and Composting Plant since 2001. The plant is the biggest in Turkey, and one of the important composting plants worldwide, and provides a processing capacity of 1.000 tons of domestic wastes. It produces yearly in average 18.000 tons of highly organic gardening compost and over 4,000 tons of recovery is provided.

Compost rich in organic content provides erosion control beside it increases ventilation and water-holding capability of the soil. Additionally, it brings economic value by reducing fertilizer needs, by increasing seed germination and product value. This product is used in various park and gardens of Istanbul for afforestation and landscaping efforts.

It has been researched in detail in the project of “Research of Usability of Compost as a Fertilizer in Plant Growing and in Grass Pitches” realized together with TÜBİTAK and academic circles. Compost is experimented within the scope of the study, in many areas, from grass and lettuce greenhouses to orchards; from wheat fields to soils poor in organic content, and it has been reached very affirmative results when used in right doses. Compost is rich in zinc content and provides zinc deficiency successfully.

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