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Istac Inc. is a premier waste management company in Turkey. By the time Istac Inc. was established as a municipal corporation in 1994 in Istanbul, the company had become the first landfill operator and quickly became one of the Turkey's largest recycling, services and disposal companies. By focusing on high-quality public services, integrated waste management practices and environmental research and development, Istac Inc. has maintained a unique reputation for environmental management.

ISTAC, of which headquarters is located at Sisli/Istanbul, has more than 40 operation units and it employs over 4 thousand personnel.  ISTAC mission is to provide solutions with its approach of zero effect for more habitable environment, and is to raise environmental awareness.

Vision Statement; our vision is to obtain a more livable environment by producing sustainable solutions and creating environmental awareness in compliance with international standards. With more than 20 years’ experience, ISTAC Inc. operates in the following areas:

  • Field Selection, Design and Construction of Sanitary Landfill
  • Technical Consultancy For Local Administrations
  • Industrial Waste Disposal Management
  • Medical Waste Disposal Management
  • Environmental Laboratory Analysis
  • Transfer Stations and Operation of Landfill Areas
  • Electricity Production From Landfill Gas
  • Compost Production From Organic Wastes
  • Recycling of Packaging Wastes
  • Production of Refuse Drive Fuel (RDF)
  • Extraction Waste From Vessels
  • Cleaning of Istanbul Main Arterial Roads and Squares
  • Coastal and Beach Cleaning
  • Excavation, Construction and Wreckage Waste Management
  • Training and Activities on Environment
  • Research and Development
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