From Metropolitan Mayor




“We are striving for cleaner and healthier Istanbul."

Humankind has obtained opportunities that he had never before by rapidly advancing industrialization in the twentieth century. However, these rapid developments based on the promotion of consumption have also led to major problems. Technological advancement and economic growth have led to uncontrolled consumption of natural resources, and as a result, they have a major role in disturbing the balance of the nature.  Deteriorating relationship between humankind and environment have become phenomenon in time, a treat for future generations.  This treat has become more obvious with "Climate Change" induced by global warming.

Acting with full awareness and responsibility to leave a better world for our kids and for better future is a vital obligation for not just us as local authorities but also for everyone.  Local administrations as the first authorities coming across the environmental problems and as again, the first authorities providing solutions to those problems have been doing their parts with great determination.

As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we all know that the short term approaches put forward to environmental problems are not permanent solutions, and work for "a Cleaner and healthier Istanbul" . Through this idea, we have been conducting the major part of our environment and waste disposal management operations with the help of ISTAC commencing its operations in 1994. Our subsidiary company carrying out its environmental management operations within the framework of national and international standards have been performing successful works in a great number of matters varying from waste disposal to the sanitation of waste liquids and from electricity production out of landfill gas to the production of compost.

We aim to set an example out of Istanbul for environment and waste disposal management just as it is for culture-art, sports, congress and tourism.  We hereby congratulate our company having major role in the operations we conducted to make Istanbul a cleaner and more habitable city for their leading and innovative activities in the environmental management and waste disposal management, and wish success to them for their future works.

Mevlüt UYSAL
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality