Message Of General Manager


One of the most important factors in making daily life more habitable in such a rapidly developing and growing metropolitan like Istanbul is environmental and waste management. ISTAC Inc., founded in 1994 as a shareholding of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has assumed this responsibility and is a leader and first company in its field. Our company, by taking the global effects of environmental management and the future generations into account has launched many new projects on the subject of integrated solid waste management that are in line with the national and the international standards, and has submitted these services to the citizens of Istanbul. The technical knowledge and experience we have accumulated in the world metropolis that is Istanbul in over twenty years and the technological infrastructure is being passed on to public institutions and private companies, in the form of consultancy projects in not only other cities in Turkey but also to the neighboring countries in the Balkans, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In this field, consultancy work with the State of Punjab in Pakistan has been continuing since 2011 and we are acting as consultants in the Mecca, regarding City Cleaning Consultancy and Supervision Project. We aim to serve other locations in the world in the future. Our fundamental mission is to serve as a bridge within the process of information transfer with the purpose of providing the cooperation of all the parties regarding this subject, developing environmental consciousness and sensitivity and setting light to the future within the scope of environmental management activities. We will continue to serve you by offering the original solutions with the zero effect approach for a more habitable environment in the world and Istanbul with expanding scope of our work day by day.

Fahrettin SORAN
General Manager