Electricity of 1.2 Million Population is Produced from Landfill Gas in Istanbul

More than 19 thousand tons of waste is generated every day in Istanbul. Since 1995, we have disposed of these wastes safely in our landfills in a way that does not harm the environment and human beings. As a result of this carefully conducted activity, landfill gas with high methane content is obtained. As İSTAÇ, we use the landfill for the production of electricity from the landfill in Istanbul. We produce 20 MWh electricity in our Kömürcüoda plants and 45 MWh electricity in our Odayeri plants 24/7. We believe that our total production, which is now 65 MWh, will reach much better levels with the electricity generation facility from the new landfill that will be commissioned in our Seymen Solid Waste Disposal facilities soon.

Our efforts to generate energy from waste are not limited to the production of electricity from landfill. Istanbul Domestic Solid Waste Incineration and Energy Production facility construction works started. The plant, which is planned to be completed and activated  by 2020, will have an electricity generation capacity of 70 MWh. The plant, where 3,000 tons of domestic solid waste will be processed every day, will not only generate energy from the wastes, but will also provide mass and volume recovery in our disposal sites. The new plant, which is in production of a sustainable energy production, will generate electricity for 1.5 million inhabitants as well as reduce carbon emissions, thus preventing carbon emissions of 1.5 million tons per year.

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