Waste to Energy Conference in İstanbul

01 Kasım 2017

İstac Inc. will present Waste to Energy Conference in İstanbul to participants; and time will be 2 days between 06-07 November.The topic in Symposium is “Status of Alternative Techniques for Thermal Waste Treatment”

Turkey has a big  potential in energy form the waste market in Europe, ISTAC  will present Istanbul Waste to Energy Congress to participants;

  • Reaching out the industry decision makers
  • Taking the opportunity to interview a common roof with electricity from wastes professionals
  • Capture new and profitable business opportunities to speed up to import and exports
  • Finding chances of engaging with these markets
  • Launching of new products and marketing activities for leading the industry decision-makers by offering also existing products
  • A chance in order to develop their business network and to expand their trading partnerships
  • Follow the latest technologies
  • An opportunity to receive short term and beneficial business response throughout B2B meetings with high level decision-makers

 Waste to Energy Conference programme has been announced





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